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Kanye West spotted with prominent far-right figures | Boing Boing

As Kanye West slides into the far right, he’s ramping up his political aspirations to match. This week he was spotted at Donald Trump’s Florida residence with alt-right darlings Nick Fuentes—a white supremacist and Holocaust denier—and pedophilia-excusing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous.

Consequence of Sound explains:

As West himself revealed in a new campaign-style video released to Twitter on Thursday
evening, he and Fuentes recently traveled to Mar-A-Lago, where they pitched Donald
Trump on being West’s running mate for the 2024 presidential election. In the video, he
is seen debriefing with Fuentes and campaign staffer / fellow alt-right personality, Milo
Yiannopoulos. “I walked in with intelligence,” West recounts. “Trump was really
impressed with Nick Fuentes.”

Right Wing Watch tweeted:

“On his way to meet Trump at Mar-a-Lago yesterday, Kanye West
was filmed walking through Miami’s airport with misogynistic antisemitic white nationalist
Christian fascist incel Nick Fuentes.”

X17 Online posted a video of Kanye announcing his 2024 Presidential Campaign, and revealing
Milo Yiannopoulos as his campaign manager. Newsweek calls Milo an “alt-right agitator who himself has been accused of antisemitism.”

And SCMP Style explains that:

Yiannopoulos rose to infamy for his hate speech about Islam, feminism and the LGBTQ+
community, as well as nurturing relationships with neo-Nazi and antisemitic figures and calling it “free speech”.

The implications of this move are concerning, to say the least. Kanye has fallen in hard with the far right after his infamous “death con 3” comments, and to see him now courting open fascists is anything but reassuring. With any luck, Kanye will end up where he was during his first run—a fringe candidate alienating his old audience and unable to appeal to a new one.


November 2022