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‘F—ing Nightmare’: Trump Team Reeling Over Ex-POTUS’ Latest Scandal

After a backlash ensued when controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attended an event earlier this year that white nationalist and fascist Nick Fuentes organized, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in response that “white supremacy, neo-Nazism, hate speech, and bigotry are disgusting and do not have a home in the Republican Party.”

Sure thing, Ronna. Greene said she didn’t know who Fuentes was, just like Donald Trump is saying now after the former President hosted a dinner for Kanye and the little Nazi at Mar-a-Lago.

Although some people familiar with the dinner event backed Trump’s claim that he didn’t know who Fuentes was, the scandal has rocked Trump’s campaign.

Via NBC News:

Even the two Trump advisers winced at how a Holocaust denier like Fuentes was able to wind up with Trump at dinner — even if it was by mistake — along with the rapper, who had just had his Twitter account restored but lost major endorsement deals for making antisemitic remarks.

“This is a f—ing nightmare,” said one longtime Trump adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of stoking the former President’s ire at “disloyal” people who criticize him. “If people are looking at [Florida Gov. Ron] DeSantis to run against Trump, here’s another reason why.”

This is another example of a self-inflicted wound that Trump will call “fake news,” even though it happened. Have any of y’all accidentally hosted a dinner for a repugnant little Nazi at your house?


November 2022