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Biden Unleashes a Missile-Like Message to MAGAs Over Trump-Fuentes Dinner

It might have taken 40 years for Biden to learn the lesson that occasionally less is more, especially when speaking as president. But he seems to have mastered it. While shopping in Nantucket with his beloved Jill and beloved son Hunter, reporters hounded Biden about one topic, worded differently. According to Mediate, reporters were heard asking:

“Mr. President, what’s your reaction to Donald Trump having dinner with a White nationalist?”


“Mr. President, what do you think of Donald Trump having dinner with a White nationalist? What do you say, Sir?”

Biden unleashed the perfect response:

“You don’t want to know what I think.”

The answer is genius on so many levels, even though it was almost surely off the cuff. For one, it keeps the entire focus on Trump while also conveying anger and disgust that is almost jolting coming from “good guy” Biden.

Biden isn’t about to make this political as between him and Trump. Trump damaged himself, perhaps irretrievably, so why make any part of it “Biden says this, and Trump responds with that…”

And yet Biden’s fury and pain that something like this could happen is a shot straight at Trump and the growing number of people on the Far Right that find anti-Semitism and racism more acceptable and open.

This is Biden with 40 years of experience. The younger Biden was talkative to the point it would inevitably get him in trouble. No more. He is president for a reason. He spoke on behalf of the nation by not speaking, by conveying fury, and did so in a way that showed his love and support for Jews and POC, while keeping the focus on where it should be.


November 2022