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‘WITCH HUNT!!!’: Trump Threw Himself A Pity Party For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day you reflect on the past year and share what you are most thankful for while having a feast with your family and friends. Instead, former President Donald Trump threw himself a massive pity party. Of course, everything that’s going on in his life right now is a self-inflicted wound.

It’s a “rigged scam.”

The so-called investigation of me by a Radical Left Prosecutor, who is totally controlled by Eric Holder and Obama, is a RIGGED SCAM. The “Justice” Department & FBI are CORRUPT, in fact offered $1,000,000 to Christopher Steele to lie, told Facebook that Hunter’s Laptop was Russian Disinformation when they knew it was not, and paid people to “get Trump.” Did nothing wrong on Jan 6th (Peacefully & Patrioticly), or with Documents (Check out past presidents).

I cannot translate this hot mess:

When a Republican Judge or Justice is proudly appointed by a Republican, he or she will ALMOST always go out of their way to make a point, even in a decision, that they are in no way “beholden” to the person or party that gave them this great honor. When a Democrat Judge or Justice, especially a Radical Left one, is proudly appointed by a Democrat, he or she just doesn’t care, it is ALMOST impossible to get a fair decision on a case if you are a Republican. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is!

Trump then ‘retruthed’ numerous posts of his before curling up in the corner in a fetal position while sucking his thumb:

The Manhattan D.A. Case should never have been brought. The D.A.’s “Star” witness, who has been harassed and brutalized, and is scared beyond belief, has nevertheless totally confirmed our story and defense. This case should be dismissed immediately, and the large, highly paid and “prestigious” accounting firm that we RELIED on to do their job, but didn’t, should pay us a fortune in damages. No “Fringe Benefits” case like this has ever been brought before. A total Witch Hunt!

No, we don’t “miss” you, freak.

“2022 has been one of the roughest years in HISTORY, maybe the roughest when you start to talk about stocks and bonds, both being devastated.” Charles Payne, Fox Business. Dow down 7.1%, NASDAQ down 28.9%, S&P down 16%. MISS ME YET?

This is from the guy that tried to extort Ukraine:

The Russia/Ukraine disaster would NEVER have happened if I were President – No Way!

I’ll choose the latter, thanks for asking:

Give me Freedom of Give me death.

He’s never going to change:


There are more posts from Trump over at Truth Social. Trump unleashed 45 posts in total, none of which said ‘Happy Thanksgiving.’

He shared Q-Anon memes from Truth Social users, insulted President Joe Biden, and complained about how unfair everyone is to him when honestly, I feel that, at this point, we should sue him for harassment. We fired him 751 days ago, and he won’t leave us alone.

I wonder what could possibly have upset him so much.


November 2022