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Tens Of People Show Up To ‘Huge’ AZ Protest To ‘Redo’ Election

On Friday, Protesters in Arizona seeking a redo of the 2022 general election gathered at the state Capitol building to demonstrate the results. You cannot redo an election because your candidate lost, but here we are.

Conspiracy site The Gateway Pundit said that it would be a “huge” protest, but instead, fives of people came to the event. The wackadoodle site says, ‘Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, who had her victory stolen on election day, recently said, “I will become Governor. “‘

No, she will not. And no, the election was not stolen.

According to the exit polls, Kari Lake lost independent voters, lost moderates, and even lost 9% of Republicans, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The 2020 midterm results didn’t come out the way Republicans had predicted. Usually, the President’s party takes a shellacking. It happened with former President Barack Obama, and Trump lost the House and the Senate. Trump, though, has underperformed in every election.

Democrat Katie Hobbs won against Lake. Moderates in Arizona want the government to work instead of seeing chaos being intentionally created daily.

“Unaffiliated voters,” political consultant and CEO of Arizona Highground Chuck Coughlin said. “Early unaffiliated voters we know for sure were abandoning Republicans, and we also know that election day drop-offs were not going towards Republicans.”

So, take the L, Trumpers. The election wasn’t stolen. Election deniers were sent a message. Take your “Let’s Go, Brandon” banners home. Those don’t win elections, either.


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