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Steve Bannon Trying To Overthrow Another Election He Lost

Kari Lake, the Trump-sponsored election denier who lost her gubernatorial election to Katie Hobbs in Arizona told insurrectionist Steve Bannon she’s filing a “devastating” lawsuit to upend her loss.

Lake has been crying about a new conspiracy claiming there was Republican voter suppression in Maricopa County. The idea that white Republicans’ voting rights had been suppressed is a joke in of itself.

As Politifact pointed out, “Voters in Maricopa County were not disenfranchised, according to voting rights experts, election officials and a local judge.”

The truth holds no quarter in MAGA Land.

“I still have hope that we’re going to win this. This is not hyperbole,” Lake said. “This lawsuit that we will be dropping is going to be devastating — and I believe we will win this.”

I see a hint of Mike Lindell in her eyes.

Real America’s Voice Steve Bannon stopped her from speaking.

“You’re gonna win this,” he said.

Then he spoke in tongues.

“There’s only two choices for the people of Arizona. Kari Lake is either the winner and either a new process or get to file this process or if Hobbs signs her own certification on something that can’t be certified, she will never be considered a legitimate governor of Arizona,” Bannon wheezed.

Did you understand that?

They are forcing this into a constitutional crisis, are they not?” he asked.

I wish these idiots would actually read the U.S. Constitution as well as all laws regarding to state and their election laws.

It does seem that way,” Lake agreed.

Arizona’s Supreme Court already ruled that early voting is constitutional.

I guess all Bannon and his cast of creeps can do is try and get their followers to not view Katie Hobbs as the true governor so Lake can host a sh*t load of MAGA rallies aired on RSBN.


November 2022