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Chesapeake Walmart Killer’s Self-Pitying Note Released by Cops

Police have released the so-called manifesto left behind by the Walmart worker who killed six of his colleagues and himself—and it’s by turns self-pitying, paranoid, and apologetic.

‘My God forgive me for what I am going to do,”Andre Bing wrote at the end of his screed, in which he derided his victims as being unintelligent while also bemoaning that he could not find a wife.

The note was released as police revealed that Bing purchased the 9mm handgun he used to mow down his co-workers just hours before the Tuesday night massacre in Chesapeake, Virginia.

It was bought at a local store, and cops noted that Bing had no criminal record that would have prevented him from buying a firearm.

Bing, 31, had worked for Walmart since 2010 and was a night manager. Workers at the store told reporters he was considered weird with a propensity to snap.

His letter, titled “Death Note,” is addressed to God and peppered with references the holy spirit. He blames his parents, ex-friends, and Satan for his horrendous crime.

At one point he claims a co-worker was terrified by his “demonic aura.” He says his phone being hacked robbed him of his dignity. He refers to his victims as “idiots.”

“My true intent was never to murder anyone believe it or not,” he writes, even as he lays out his murderous plan. “I was actually one of the most loving people in the world if you would get to know me. I just wanted a wife that was equally yoked as I and obsessed over the thought; however, I didn’t deserve a wife.”


November 2022