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Steve Doocy Concurs With Election Expert Charlamagne Tha God

Fox and Friends react to Charlemagne Tha God’s comments about American values as if they were engraved in stone.

And Charlemagne Tha God thinks Ron Desantis is electable!

Charlemagne Tha God said this about Ron Desantis and the 2024 race for president: “What would make them think he can’t win the national election? Sorry to tell you all, man. I’m from South Carolina. More of the country is more like Florida than we may want to believe. But the majority of America is more, you know, rural and, you know, full of conservative values like in a place like Florida than there is, you know, other places, I think when you live in New York, you know, California, you might be fooled and think that’s the world, but that’s not the world. The world is more southern and midwest than anything.”

“He’s exactly right,” Steve Doocy reacted. “He works out of New York, but he has got the unique ability to talk to people from across the country. He’s from down in South Carolina. And, you know, one of the things about New Yorkers is, they think the sun rises and sets on New York City.”

Where does Steve Doocy live, exactly? And where does his show get taped?

Now that Charlamagne Tha God is dissing Democrats in general and Biden in particular, he’s being quoted all over right wing media, from Red State to Newsmax to Hot Air. It’s a marketing move for Mister Breakfast Club.


November 2022