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Mike Lindell’s Crusade Against The Machines

This is not a comedy routine. I repeat. This is not a comedy routine.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed he’s had his life and business destroyed because he’s been waging a one-man crusade against the evil voting machines that want to destroy the country.
Cyberdyne lite?

Emilio Lizardo, eat your heart out.

As usual, Steve Bannon, the purveyor of lies, conducted what he considers to be “an interview.” Fun Fact: Lindell sponsors Bannon’s show.

“How does that make you feel since you’ve had your business destroyed, your life destroyed, your employees destroyed, you’re not in Wal — you’re not anywhere because of your crusade about the machines, sir?” Bannon asked.

“It doesn’t matter if it takes me to lose everything. I want to save our country,” Lindell said.

Making up conspiracies and lies to exploit the MAGA cult’s rage and anger is not a crusade. It’s a grift. A con job. In this case, it’s the long con.

Lindell is continuing this dance because he must be making a lot of money from his insane election fraud lies.

He’s everywhere the MAGA cult travels.

The RSBN rallies, Micheal Flynn’s Christian nationalist QaAnon, Renew America rallies, any Trump rally, any election denier rally. If there is a rally, Lindell is there with his pillows. He’ll even try to airlift his pillows to other countries.

If Lindell’s business was “destroyed,” how is he STILL advertising on Fox News, relentlessly? You know, the network he claims is a leftie tool?


November 2022