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Right-Wing Radio Host Threatens To ‘Seize All Of Mitch McConnell’s Assets’

A radio and podcast host with a history of militia links claimed to have the power to “seize all of Mitch McConnell’s assets” because of an order from former President Donald Trump.

On his Monday broadcast, host Pete Santilli blamed Republican leadership for poor performance in the midterm elections.

Guest co-host Sherronna Bishop linked McConnell, the Republican Senate minority leader, to a scheme to fund campaigns underwritten by executives from cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

According to Santilli, the federal government has the power to confiscate the property of anyone caught meddling in an election, thanks to former President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13848.

“We’re talking about like they can seize the property of China,” the host explained. “Now, that applies to the FTX people. Anybody associated with this FTX stuff, with the money laundering that came through Ukraine for the purposes of manipulating the 2022 election, we can seize all of Mitch McConnell’s assets per 13484 that President Trump put into office.”

“What does it take to do that?” Bishop wondered. “If the FCC is investigating, do we have the culture, do we have the character, people there that are going to see this through? Do we have that?”

“We do,” Santilli replied. “It’s the people that we’re talking to right now.”

The host pointed to the U.S. Constitution and his experience at Bundy Ranch, where he was accused of bringing gunmen he recruited to intimidate law enforcement.

“I’m not trying to incite anything other than constitutionality,” he said.


November 2022