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Mike Pompeo: Randi Weingarten Is Most Dangerous Person In World

We know Mike Pompeo is nakedly ambitious and oh, so hungry to become president. Remember when he served as secretary of state to the twice-impeached Trump? He held over two dozen of what he called “Madison dinners” on the taxpayers’ dime that were actually him cultivating future support and potential donors. (Oddly enough, the State Department’s inspector general was fired while he was looking into Pompeo’s habit of using political appointees for personal errands, like walking his dog.)

Yet even knowing all that, I am still somewhat shocked that Pompeo would go for this particular twofer: anti-semitism AND demonization of teachers. Despite seeing what just happened in Colorado as the result of right-wing targeting!

“In an interview with the news platform Semifore, Mike Pompeo weighed in on the issues he believed to be central to any Republican running for president in 2024,” Morning Joe’s Willie Geist said.

“Those ideas include limited government, expanded set of freedoms, and protecting the capacity of people to practice their faith. He added, ‘Making sure we don’t teach our kids crap in schools. I get asked who is the most dangerous person in the world, Chairman Kim, Xi Jinping, the most dangerous person in the world is Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers Union. It’s not a close call.’ “

“He continued, ‘If you ask, who’s the most likely to take this republic down, it would be the teachers unions and the filth they’re teaching our kids.’ That’s the former secretary of state saying Randy Winegarten–“

“Is this another Harvard boy?” Scarborough asked.

“No, he’s West Point,” Geist said.

Scarborough noted he did go to Harvard Law school.

“I tell you, some of these Ivy League boys, it’s like, what filth did they teach them up there? It’s just not even serious. If you got problems with a teachers union, okay. He went to Harvard Law. Another Harvard boy. What do they teach those people in those Ivy schools? It’s really just, what an embarrassment, and how many people that graduated from West Point, great Americans, proud Americans, noble Americans, who actually believe what General McArthur said last time he went to West Point, talking about duty, honor and country.

“Who flinch, flinch, when Mike Pompeo turns public office into a clown show. He’s saying that Randi Weingarten is more dangerous than Vladimir Putin? You know, sometimes it’s just too much.”


November 2022