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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 Is Officially the Messiest Reality TV Show

Love Is Blind is an inherently chaotic show. Couples getting engaged despite never meeting in person? It’s a recipe for disaster, something all three seasons of the show have proven out. But the most recent installment of Netflix’s reality dating series/sociological experiment has proven more chaotic than any other. After this weekend’s shocking postseason development—an unexpected cheating scandal—Love Is Blind may have earned its place in the pantheon of all-time messiest reality shows.

At the end of Season 3, which dropped earlier this month, three of the five couples remained together: Colleen and Matt, who said “I do” at the altar; Alexa and Brennon, who also got married during the season finale; and SK and Raven. SK had dumped Raven at the altar, admitting that he wasn’t ready to commit to marrying her just yet. Outside of Love Is Blind’s warped context, this seemed like the most rational decision. SK was about to move back to Berkeley for grad school, while Raven didn’t want to leave Dallas, for one. But also, they had literally only known each other for a month. Choosing not to get married is incredibly reasonable.

During the reunion, filmed more than a year after Season 3 wrapped production, SK and Raven announced they were still together. It seemed like a big win for the fan-favorite couple, whose slow-burning romance won over viewers for its seeming maturity. The pair took more time to get to know each other, figured out how to make a long-distance relationship work, and struck up a more traditional romance.

The other couples that said “I don’t” prompted immediate backlash: Bartise dumped Nancy at the altar after stringing her along all season, making him an instant villain, and Zanab reamed Cole during the reunion for what she perceived as emotional abuse throughout their relationship, dividing the fanbase. Given that, it was a pleasant surprise that SK and Raven had managed to work things out like adults.

There was a bigger surprise in store, however. In what has got to be one of the most concerted, duplicitous, selfish acts ever committed by a reality show contestant, SK was secretly dating someone else during filming. He was two-timing Raven and his (now ex-)girlfriend for months, an abhorrent balancing act that has left viewers speechless.

On Friday night, a TikTok user named HannahBethStyle posted a since-deleted video with damning evidence about her relationship with SK, starting back in 2019. The pair dated but broke up before Season 3 started filming. However, after the show wrapped in July 2021, SK reached back out to Hannah for a trip to Ibiza. The pair got back together—but on the trip, Hannah claims she found a contact in SK’s phone named “Fiancé [sic].” He explained that he went on Love Is Blind for the money, and that said fiancée (Raven) was only for the show. But while SK was with Hannah, he was also still talking to Raven, according to Hannah’s TikTok; he continued texting Hannah and inviting her on vacations. As recently as September, SK and Hannah were planning a trip together.

Throughout the TikTok, Hannah produced photos of her with SK, texts she said are from him, and plenty of timestamps corroborating her story. But behind Hannah’s back, SK and Raven said they were dating: The pair revealed in the Season 3 reunion, which was filmed this fall, that they were a couple.

As the video went viral online, SK was silent. He locked comments on his Instagram, as did Raven. Early Sunday, however, Raven deleted all photos of SK off her Instagram. And Sunday night, just two days after Hannah’s video spread like wildfire, Raven and SK posted joint statements to their Instagram stories, announcing they had broken up. And not only that, but they claimed that they couldn’t give any more details about the break-up due to legal reasons.

“Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not [sic] provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time,” the statement reads.

Those allegations, fans speculate, go beyond Hannah’s accusations of cheating; SK apparently revealed to Hannah that he had filmed Love Is Blind before the show aired, potentially violating his contract with Netflix. Compounded by his supposed claim that he only did the show for the money, SK could be in big trouble with one of the biggest media companies in the world.

In the meantime, SK has won the ire of Love Is Blind’s intense fanbase. He’s rocked the subreddit, whose members are furiously debating whether there were any drama-free couples this season. The answer is probably no, at this point—but if mess doesn’t make great TV, what does?


November 2022