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Gingrich Only Wants ‘Right Kind’ Of GA Black Politician

Newt Gingrich told his Christian nationalist buddy Charlie Kirk that Herschel Walker would be an incredible Senator because he’s African American, unlike Sen. Rafael Warnock.

Wait, what?

“I think Herschel Walker has the courage, the integrity to be a really remarkable US Senator,” Gingrich said.

Walker making believe he’s an actual FBI agent and passing out fake badges shows true integrity, right Newt? Not to mention paying for abortions and threatening his wife with a gun.

“I think having an African-American with his background — somebody that is good in business. Somebody that has given 400 speeches on military bases to help young people dealing with PTSD,
because of his own experience with having had concussions playing football and in mixed martial arts,” he said.

“Herschel would be such a dramatic improvement over Sen. Warnock, who is a hard-line left-wing politician…” he continued.

Sen. Warnock has been a pastor for decades and has shown true character and integrity, while Walker continually lies about his past.

I understand promoting a politician, but Newt Gingrich is either lying, feigning ignorance, or never watched a Herschel Walker speech before. We know he’s seen Walker’s disjointed and incomprehensible speeches and TV appearances, so that leaves the first two.

Rampant womanizing while married — paid abortions, lying about his ties to law enforcement, putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head. His own son calls him a liar.

These are the actions Newt Gingrich is praising –as well as wanting the right kind of ‘black’ in the Senate.


November 2022