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Whistleblower Confirms Conservative Justice Supreme Court Corruption

A prominent anti-choice activist turned whistleblower detailed a stunning level of breaches and corruption by the conservative Supreme Court majority.

The New York Times reported:

In a letter to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and in interviews with The New York Times, the Rev. Rob Schenck said he was told the outcome of the 2014 case weeks before it was announced. He used that information to prepare a public relations push, records show, and he said that at the last minute he tipped off the president of Hobby Lobby, the craft store chain owned by Christian evangelicals that was the winning party in the case.

The minister’s account comes at a time of rising concerns about the court’s legitimacy. A majority of Americans are losing confidence in the institution, polls show, and its approval ratings are at a historic low. Critics charge that the court has become increasingly politicized, especially as a new conservative supermajority holds sway.

The conservative majority has apparently been corrupt for years. The American people only heard about it when the Roe decision was leaked to the media.

Since the Roe leak came from conservatives, Chief Justice John Roberts has been doing nothing to get to the bottom of it. Republicans also stopped talking about the leak when it became clear that the source was one of their own.

The conservative majority on the Supreme Court has more problems than legitimacy and credibility. The conservative majority is corrupt and needs to be investigated by the Senate ASAP.


November 2022