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Right-Wing UK Media Aghast That People Don’t Want Brexit Anymore

Martin Daubney is a right-wing commentator, and former member of the Brexit Party and then the Reclaim Party, both of which support leaving the EU and other right-wing populism efforts, such as COVID vaccine denial, etc. Now he’s back in “journalism” of a sort, with a stint at GB News, a satellite news channel that caters to those types of views. Daubney was in high spirits as he reported on the results of their own poll on views of Brexit, now that it’s been in full force for a while. His mood soured considerably when he saw the numbers, and couldn’t even bring himself to say them.

Source: Indy100

Even the right wing media are having to admit that the whole thing has been a flop – a challenge faced by one dumbfounded GB News presenter on Sunday morning.

The news outlet had asked viewers to vote on whether, given the chance again, they would vote “FOR or AGAINST Brexit”.

It was down to host Martin Daubney to reveal the results, which he did so, initially with smug jubilation.

That was until he actually… you know… read them, and saw they weren’t what he’d been expecting at all.

Here’s the moment he discovered that 55 percent of voters said they’d back Remain this time round:

Has Brexit been a disaster for Britain? The Mayor of London certainly thinks so.

And another media celebrity seems ready to throw in the towel.

While one of the leaders of the movement is now calling the Tories traitors.

Some in that movement though are looking at reality.

Was it a mistake?

As bad a blunder as electing Donald Trump, but at least that mistake only lasted four years. Hopefully.


November 2022