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Number Of Democrats Who Think Biden Could Win In 2024 Surges

After Democrats performed better than expected in the midterm 75% of Democrats now think that President Biden could win reelection.

According to the latest USA Today poll:

The number of Democratic voters who believe Biden could win the 2024 race for the White House has jumped to 71%, up by double digits from the 60% who felt that way in a poll in August.

Now 75% of Republicans say Trump could win the next election, still a bit higher than Biden among their partisans. But that is 7 percentage points lower than the 82% of Republicans who held that view of the former president before the midterms.


A 54% majority of Republicans say Trump should be the party’s presidential nominee for the third time; 46% say it’s time for a change. While that puts him in positive territory by 8 points, the margin is less than half the 18-point advantage he held in August, at 59%-41%.

President Biden appears to have successfully made the case to Democrats that his message and his policies are a winner. On the Republican side, Trump’s failure to deliver the red wave for the GOP appears to have accelerated the growing unease and desire for change in his party.

If inflation drops and the economy is in good shape, Biden will have the wind at his back in his reelection campaign.

On the Republican side, the question remains will Republican primary voters get restless enough to toss Trump overboard, or does he have enough of a hold on a segment of the Republican primary base to win the nomination again?

Republicans made have taken control of the House, but President Biden won the midterm election.

Biden’s support is growing within the Democratic Party while Trump appears to be on the decline.


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