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Mika Brzezinski Bashes Kevin McCarthy For Ignoring Pelosi’s Speech

Regular viewers of MSNBC’s Morning Joe are used to Joe Scarborough’s indignant rants dressing down Republican-MAGA behavior. Mika Brzezinski usually holds her powder dry… until she doesn’t. On those occasions when she is deeply offended and angered, usually over some kind of blatant misogynistic behavior, look out. She can be more cutting while appropriately shaming someone than Joe, as she was this morning, addressing the fact that Kevin McCarthy couldn’t be bothered to attend Nancy Pelosi’s “Goodbye” address as Democratic leader.

Mika spared nothing in her challenge: (Video Below)

“First woman to serve as Speaker, an amazing career, a mother of five, and by the way, her husband was just attacked as a result of political violence. This would have been the moment to step up and show some grace.

Or even just normalcy, never mind “grace.” It was George W. Bush who said he had the “honor” to be the first president to say “Madame Speaker.” It is normalcy and basic humanity. One wonders whether McCarthy would’ve shown up if the situation involved a man named “Nick Pelosi.”

Mika moved on:

“Who raised you? Who raised these people? I’m sorry, who raised you? Who raised you, Kevin McCarthy? Who raised you, Republicans in the House?

“Seriously. — try and imitate somebody with just an ounce of grace, try and make your mother proud for one second.

“It’s disgusting, it’s disappointing, and not to me. You’re the one who has to look in the mirror every day.”

To make it that much more embarrassing to McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, from the Senate side, issued a statement praising Pelosi and her service to the country. (And when Mitch McConnell shows more grace and couth than you, you really do need to check yourself).

McCarthy’s excuse was that he had a “meeting.”

He is the Republican leader. You move the meeting, or you leave the meeting for a time to represent your party. It is important to note that while McCarthy and the majority of Republicans did not attend her speech, some did. And so to those Republicans, some credit ought to be given because not only did they do the right thing but also resisted the behavior of the majority of their colleagues.

They must have been raised right.


November 2022