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Matt Hancock Called A ‘C**t’ Live On Radio 2

The name Matt Hancock won’t mean much to North Americans, but he was the former Health Secretary as well as other Cabinet positions under David Cameron and Boris Johnson. He was unceremoniously sacked after breaking COVID protocols (despite being Secretary of Health in the UK). He was busy shagging his assistant in his ministerial office with Gina Coladangelo. Currently, he sits as an independent after embarrassing the Conservative government for many years. (A right twat, as they say over there.) Currently, he appears on a reality-tv show called “I’m a Celebrity” for ITV, for which they say they’ve received over 2000 complaints. He’s also supposed to a sitting member of parliament you see, but often doesn’t bother to show up.

Source: Huffington Post (UK)

Presenter Sara Cox showed immaculate calm under pressure after a caller to her live BBC Radio 2 show called Matt Hancock a “c**t”.

The listener to Cox’s All Request Friday show – identified as Jesse from Devon – wanted to hear a Queen classic, but things quickly descended into chaos.

Cox asked: “Everyone’s going to love you for choosing a bit of Queen. What track are we playing and why?”

Jesse replied: “We’re playing Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen because Matt Hancock’s a c**t.”

The veteran broadcaster’s professionalism quickly kicked in as she swiftly mopped up the mess.

She said: “OK, so we’ve got to cut him off there. This is live radio, this kind of thing happens.

“I can only apologise if you’ve got children listening in the car. I’m going play the tune. Huge apologies, it is live, and here’s the song.”

And more background on the not so venerable Mr. Hancock.


November 2022