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Marge’s Response To LGBTQ Club Shooting Is Painfully Stupid

Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene unleashed a couple of tweets in response to the LGBTQ Colorado club shooting that left five dead and 25 others injured after 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich opened fire. The response from Republicans is to comfort their guns and tell them everything will be OK.

Rep. Three Toes has ranted about the gay community before, and unsurprisingly, she’s showing a lack of empathy in her response to the latest mass shooting. She’s somehow comparing deaths attributed to Fentanyl abuse to the club shooting.

She is lying, of course.

Via the Advocate:

However, she ignored the fact that most of the fentanyl sold in the U.S. is sold by citizens. A recent study by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, reported that 86.3 percent of convicted fentanyl traffickers are U.S. citizens. The study used government data.

A reporter from The Independent confronted Greene about this at a press conference Thursday where she contended the U.S. is doing more to protect Ukraine than to protect its own border with Mexico. The reporter cited the Cato study, and Greene responded, “The Cato Institute is not the border patrol. I’m sorry, is the Cato down there securing our border and stopping illegal aliens and human trafficking and drug trafficking? I’m sorry, you’re going to have to get a direct source, and when you bring the border patrol in here and quote that, then we may take you seriously.”

Does Marge know that we can do more than one thing at a time? And a good guy with a gun did not stop the shooter. One patron sprang into action, grabbing a firearm from the suspect, hitting him with it, and pinning him down, while another stepped in to help hold Aldrich down.

Aldrich is believed to have used an AR-15 assault rifle, mass shooters’ favorite weapon to use, the same one that Biden wants to ban. The AR-15 can easily fire as many as 800 – 1200 rounds per minute. If you need that for hunting, you suck as a hunter. If you advocate against banning a weapon that has been used to slaughter children, then you suck at life.


November 2022