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Loony Michele Bachmann: ‘Invisible Presence’ Covered Up Election Fraud 2.0

Former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann blamed an evil spirit that created a “fog of delusion” over the country on Election Day that blinded people from seeing that the 2022 midterm election was being stolen.

“If you’ve wondered if the results just weren’t quite kosher in 2020 and you thought it was fraud, my opinion is this is fraud 2.0,” Bachmann said. “Just my opinion.”

“And yet, it almost seemed like on election night, an invisible presence was spraying a fog over America. Lies were being spewed everywhere it seemed, and it’s like a fog of delusion was being sprayed,” Bachmann eulogized.

Can I get an amen for sister Michele?

Bachmann rambled about the 2020 election being stolen.

“It was like on Election Night, something weird happened, a delusion set in,” Bachmann insisted.

Christian nationalists are trying to destroy US democracy as we know it, turn the US Constitution into the New, New Testament and turn this country into a right-wing fascist fantasyland.

Right Wing Watch:

“In all likelihood, if there had been no foul play, we would have seen results so profound that these results would have affected America decades into the future,” Bachmann declared. “I believe that’s actually what did happen. I believe those were the results, but because of all of the rigging that went on with this election, we got a very different result.”

Michele, maybe it was GOD that spread the invisible presence when the maker realized liars, cheats, cultists, and wackos should never lead a country?


November 2022