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Jesse Watters has an explanation for why the red wave didn’t happen | Boing Boing

Watch Fox News’ Jesse Watters try to explain why the midterm elections didn’t produce the “red wave” that Republicans had predicted.

First, he says people don’t hate Joe Biden enough, so they weren’t motivated to go vote against him: “There’s just not the hatred for Joe Biden that there is for Barack Obama and the Clintons. There’s not a ‘Hate Biden’ vote that’s out there! . . . People just don’t feel the same passion against the guy that they also feel for other people.” It’s ludicrous to say that Republicans don’t hate Joe Biden enough, when literally one of the most popular MAGA chants/cheers/slogans is “Let’s Go Brandon!”, which is a stupid code that means “Fuck Joe Biden.”

Second, he blames single women. He doesn’t actually say what he thinks is wrong with them, but does argue: “We have a problem demographically. Single women are voting for women by 37 points.” Ah, if only the GOP could control single women better!

Third, he blames “Urban America.” Again, he doesn’t say much more about this, but just argues, “They’re cleaning our clocks in the cities . . . And we’re giving it away!” We all know what “Urban America” is code for, though, and I guess he’s upset the GOP can’t control ‘the cities’ better, either!

Finally, he’s upset that “youth voters” are too passionate about voting and too “brainwashed” by their teachers, who apparently are the same “single women” he previously complained about: “The fact that these youth voters are coming in so strong on an off year is very concerning. It looks like they’ve been brainwashed. This new generation is totally brainwashed. Because a lot of these single women voting 37 point spreads for Democrats are teaching all of our younger generation in these schools, and they’re polluting their minds. And they grow up and then they’re in their 20s and then they vote for leftists.” Oh, so it’s critical race theory’s fault, you know, the thing that MAGAs get upset about but that isn’t actually taught in most schools? Got it.


November 2022